Silco 9600 SFR X-Cure

UHS 420 Ultra Rapid Clear Coat

Highly productive UHS air dried clear coat with perfect gloss. No Hardener/Activator in the base coat needed. Easy and quick application. Very fast drying without oven baking allows fuel and electricity savings.

  • Air drying (20°C): 50-60 min
  • Forced drying (60°C): 3-5 min
  • If necessary, polishing immediately after cooling
  • Long potlife (60 min)
  • Lower material consumption compared to UHS and HS clear coats
  • No fear of overspray in case of larger surfaces (long open time)
  • Excellent deep gloss
  • High UV protection
  • VOC compliant (<420 g/L)
  • Hardener 9650, 9670 (vol. 1:1), no thinner